Last Sunday I took part together with Bo, Rolf, Catalina, Omar and Laura in the event orginised by Slow Travel Berlin at the Markthalle IX. There are my sketches and pictures I took that day.

market hall entrance

 slow-travel_2012-04-22_02  slow-travel_2012-04-22_03

 I am repeating the motives that children used during my workshop:

slow-travel_2012-04-22_05 Girls at the sewing workshop slow-travel_2012-04-22_06 An occasional massage.

slow-travel_2012-04-22_09 slow-travel_2012-04-22_07

And more pictures:
 20120422 at slow travel Berlin
at slow travel Berlin
 at slow travel Berlin

Thank you for joining us that day, it was nice to see you all!

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