sonntag, bürgerlich

sunday, bourgoise

music pupils concertmusic pupils concert

zunächst zum schülerkonzert der neuen musiklehrerin unsrere kinder.

at first to pupils concert of our daughters new music teacher.

sunday afternoon cakerosen_290511rs

dann kaffee draussen. die rosen sind bald verblüht.

than coffee outside. the roses will be withered soon.

vom kuchen niedergestreckt sinke ich in die wiese und male gänseblümchen.

felled by cake i drop in the lawn and paint daisies.

square decimetre of lawn with daisies



After a day of research in 'Landesarchiv Berlin' for a university's project, I brought the evening to an end drawing the Gendarmenmarkt (Schauspielhaus on the left, Französischer Dom on the right).


by Florian Afflerbach


klausener platz kiez nachbarschafts flohmarkt

der alljährliche nachbarschafts flohmarkt in unserem kiez.

the annual neighborhood  flea market,
 locals sell their stuff on the street and meet and chat.

strassen wie alle tage mit fahrzeug gefüllt.
auf den breiten bürgesrsteigen ist platz für tische.

street filled with vehicles, as everyday.
but sidewalks are wide with space for tables.
objekte aller art werden verkauft.
am nebenstand findet eine reiseschreibmaschine 
ihre glücklichen neuen besitzer 

all kind of objects on sale.
at the stand aside of us a portable typewriter  found its very
happy new owners - nice timewrap, somehow.

platanensamen 070511
ein wunderbar warmer tag, blauer himmel und etwas wind.
platanensamen schweben auf uns hinab.

a beautiful warm day, blue sky and some wind.
plane seeds parachuting down on us.



Overabundant mass of old cars in Berlin

Last Friday, I had to go to Berlin and I took the chance to visit the great AEG Turbine Factory, built by Peter Behrens from 1908 to 1909. It is a very important building that claims to be a big step into modern architecture. This very long hall with its concrete corners reforms the classic image of factory buildings made from brick, steel and glass from the turn of the centuries. Parts of gas turbines are still manufactured in it today, so still the same function is running the building was originally designed for. What could be better?

AEG Turbinenhalle

After the drawing, I took along the river Spree in the direction of the inner city of Berlin. What was about to come? Just old cars, one by one! At first, I saw this Merecedes /8 (that's how we call it in Germany, the official name is W114). It reminded me on my Stuttgart time and I drew it.

I just couldn't believe what I saw next. Two Citroen DS, just about 30 meters away from each other. The goddess of cars, the benchmark for nearly 20 years in upper class cars, a design made for a whole century. I took the black one for a drawing.

On with the show! I could have drawn within the next 500 meters a Fiat 124 Spider, a Fiat 500, a Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior, a Beetle Convertible and an old American Pick-Up which I could't identify. Unfortunately, time elapsed too fast and I had to carry on. But here's another one from January, located in the heart of the city (near Friedrichstraße), a Peugeot 204 form the early 1970s in a bad condition, but still driven with daily by a student, who just went away when I finished the drawing.

I have to return, that's for sure. That should be easy in the future, because Berlin is not very far from Cottbus, the town where I live.

by Florian Afflerbach