Sketches from the Rinbgahn

The first two were made on the train stations (S-Bahn) of Westhafen and Halensee, respectively, the third is a view of Skalitzer Straße in sunday morning sun, and the fourth shows three houses in Lichtenberg's Wartenbergstraße.
Westhafen (Ringbahn)
Halensee (Ringbahn)
Skalitzer Straße
Only the one in the house middle seems to be inhabited still; the windows in the house on the left are all already broken. I'll have to go back on a day warm enough to draw in more detail. This was done yesterday early in the morning, when the sun suddenly disappeared and a cold wind made me hurry up.

P.S. This weekend is Berlin Gallery Weekend, and I have written a little guide to the exhibitions focusing on painting and drawing.



knobelsdorff 280411
heute morgen beim brötchen holen.
die sonne guckte um die ecke und schüttete gelbes licht.

this morning, on my way to get pastry for breakfast.
the sun appeared at the end of our street and poured yellow light.


blühende bäume

kirschbaum 170411birnbaum 180411kastanie 200411
kirsche | birne | kastanie im "ziegenhof" in charlottenburg

blooming trees
cherry | pear | chesnut in charlottenburgs "ziegenhof"

More Spring Sketching

008 detail 
Lausitzer Ecke Skalitzerstraße.

"Had to abandon the drawing on the left because of sudden rain burst." View from Modersohnbrücke.

Treebuds on Schlesische Straße.


taborka gucken

sonntags nach kreuzberg zum circus cabuwazi, taborka gucken "Das Mitmach-Zirkus-Märchen zu Müll, Erde und Klimaschutz" - der pädagogische zeigefinger war charmant und humorvoll verpackt, großes vergnügen allseits.

sunday in kreuzberg to circus cabuwazi, viewing taborka "A Participatory-Circus-Fairy to Garbage, Earth and Climate" - the educational attempt was wrapped charming and humorous - great fun everywhere.



Spring is coming

... or is it already here?

6.4.2011 Not spring:
Or not really, anyway:

9.4.2011 Blue skies in the morning! This could be it...

10.4.2011 Everything bright and sparkly, there it is!



mond 070411

ich verließ die wohnung ohne plan, in der ubahn entschied ich, zum martin gropius bau zu fahren, in der irrigen hoffnung, donnerstag abends könnte das musuem länger auf und ein besuch der austellung von zeichnungen aus dem moma möglich sein. stattdessen war der eingang zu, ein starker wind ließ die gerüstplanen, mit denen der bau zur zeit verpackt ist, laut schlagen und klappern, eine kleine baumaschine parkt im gelblichen licht der laterne.

i left home with no plan, in the train i decided, to go to martin gropius bau, hoping for long thusday night opening and possibility, to view exibit of drawings from moma. instead it was closed, strong wind made  canvas cover, the building was wrapped in, clack and a small digger parks in the lanterns yellow light.martingropiusbau, berlin 070411bagger 070411


dino's bones

Naturkunde museum.
This drawing was made not from the original skeleton you can see in the museum, but from a huge photo on the wall in a museum's bookshop/cafe, while I was waiting, surrounded by the glass cases with the jars of formalined something.



Sketching my nephew on a train: just 45 minutes and we are in a park.

People listening to the audioguides in Sans-Souci schloss in Potsdam.
Then I put my sketchbook aside and just enjoyed the rest of that sunny day with my family.



messedamm_010411berlin funkturm

kühler wind wischt den himmel nach dem regen blank. hennes und mauritz kleben bilder ihrer frühlingskollektion an jede plakatwand.

a cool wind wipes sky clean after rain. hennes and mauritz post image of new spring collection on every billboard.

East end of Görlitzer Park