More gathering

The last Saturday we met in Mitte for sketching together.

Many O's names at begining and end: Oona, Olga, Omar, and also Flo, Bo, and me Catalina (many O's but only in surname :P

It was very cold as we sketched in Unten den Linden. But then we went to a cosy chic bar and was much better. There, we were interviewed by the "RBB crew" as Olga said: Milena asked, Kurt registred the sound, and the Camera man which name don't remember, took the image.

Here can you see nearly all our sketching group :)

pd. it is very hard trying to organise text and images in blogger!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Nice drawings! Some day I must join the O-gang of sketchers in Berlin. :)

  2. haha!! true! Olaf, its just the missing name, so you have to join us next time :)