Rosenthaler Platz

olgas sketch of oberholz
letzten samstag trafen wir (oonaolgaflorian, anna, yara und ich) uns um den rosenthaler platz zu zeichnen (da ja rosentage waren).

last saturday we (oonaolgaflorian, anna, yara and me) met, to sketch rosenthaler platz (as it were rosentage).

meeting and sketching was fun! Thanks to Paul and Judith from "The Circus" for organizing Rosentage and Anne Rattey, for making and sending us beautiful photo

Olga and me | photo: Anne Rattey

my sketch of Rosenthaler Platz

Oona at work | photo: Anne Rattey
florians sketch 

Yara, Florian and me

2 Kommentare:

  1. chic post! I guess you had fun and enjoy the sketching day! hope next time I could join you, so many nice sketches here!! :)

  2. that would be cool, it was a great sketching day!