Some places around Friedrichshain

Two views of Weserstraße
I went to rent a movie that one sunday, it was a bit warmer than now, and on my way I made the sketch in the bottom of this spread. But I was too early and had to wait for the store to open. That was the sketch on top. The housing block in th distance is the same I drew in the first sketch, but from the other side and farther away. Weserstraße.

Afternoon sun at Revaler Straße, and Wismarplatz again.

3 Kommentare:

  1. That final image is amazing. I love deserted scenes and street furniture like lampposts, so this pushes all my buttons!

  2. Love the left drawing from the last image! Great perspective... Amazing colours...

  3. Whoa, thank you both very much! I could draw wires and lampposts, tram tracks etc. all day long. The colors in the last picture on the right are simplified, I basically ignored the local color on the houses, the reds of the roofs etc.