Soma, some more

While I was less than impressed with Soma on my first visit, this time was different - I went along on my first Sketchcrawl as part of the Urban Sketchers network. Although my companions were underwhelmed by the installation itself, they turned out some impressive work - you can see Rolf's sketches from the day here, and Oona's here. Personally, I enjoyed the experience - in the relative quiet of a random Saturday morning (after the Christmas crush), the reindeer seemed peaceful, the canaries unobtrusive (it took me about half an hour to remember their chirping wasn't just a recording), and the piss-smell not quite as rank. I found myself really looking, noticing small things like the ear buds worn by the deer's keeper, for whom this was just another day at work. My passion for sketching reignited, I picked up pen and pad again when I visited Chipps for the umpteenth time that afternoon, and a couple of days later on the U-Bahn. Anyway, here are some drawings what I made.

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